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Learn How to Make Chainmail

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Starting Out Making Chainmail

Getting Started

Making Chainmail Rings

Helpful Information and Resources

Jump Rings and AR

Wire Types


Chainmail Links



I know I have been making a lot of new tutorials recently, but don't expect this all the time! I'm pretty exited about the one I just finished though. It's called Candy Cane Cord.


I just finished a Dragonback Tutorial.


New weave tutorial! It's called Shaggy Loops. I took the liberty of trying out a new program for creating the images. I think they much nicer looking now.


I added a new weave called Spiral 4 in 1.


I spent some time updating the website recently. You may notice a new header bar, as well as differently organized links. I hope that it will make the website easier to navigate. Let me know if you run into any issues!


First update of the new year! I made a new tutorial called Orbital Vipera Berus. Check it out!


Made a new tutorial! It's called Dragonsteps. Check it out!


I have another website! It's my personal website, and it is located at It includes all the other things that I like to do besides chainmail (like casting aluminum and woodworking). If you are interested, check it out!


I moved off Weebly hosting, and completely redid it. Things might look a little different, but it is all the same content. I now completely own every part of my website! Let me know if something isn't working. Thanks!


Added two more infographics, one for Elfweave and one for Jens Pind Linkage


Added some infographics for learning Full Persian 6 in 1, Byzantine, or European 4 in 1. You can download the PDF or the image. Or both.


Updated the look of the website. I thought it looked too bland before, so I put a little more color in.


Updated the Byzantine Tutorial. It now includes better graphics and a couple new steps.


Added a tutorial called Celtic Visions


Added a tutorial called Ficus Chain. It makes a very nice looking chain.


Added a tutorial called 2 in 2 Orbital Unit Chain. Check it out!


Added a Step by Step Guide to Make a Chainmail Shirt. It isn't quite done yet, but you can definitely get started.


Added a Universal Triangle weave tutorial.

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