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Step 4: Decide Whether to Buy Rings or Make Them Yourself

There are many pros and cons to making the rings you need to make your chainmail shirt vs. buying them somewhere else. On this page I'll give you reasons as to why you might want to go either route, but you will have to choose for yourself. Then you can follow the instructions to get the rings you need.

Making the Rings Yourself

Some of you might be wondering to yourselves, "Why in the world would someone want to spend all that time and energy making their own rings, when you can spend a little more money and just buy the rings you need?" Hmm, good question. Hopefully the reasons listed below will explain it.

Pros to Making the Rings Yourself

  • You get the feeling of accomplishment of taking a semi-raw material and turning it into something awesome

  • It's cheaper, even if it isn't very much. Us poor people have to take what we can get

  • You get to make super long springs!And who doesn't like a spring?

  • If you ever want to make rings for a different project, you will already have the equipment necessary

  • Once you have it set up, you can make whatever rings you might need at any particular time.

Cons to Making the Rings Yourself

  • It requires a bit more work at the beginning to make a coil-winding mechanism

  • Unless you set up a way to saw cut rings, you probably won't get as nice of closures as the rings you can buy

  • Making rings out of tougher metal like stainless steel is more difficult

  • It adds a lot of time to the already large amount of time you are going to spend weaving the chainmail shirt.

  • It can be dangerous if you aren't careful

If you decide that you want to make rings yourself, go to the first set of links to buy some wire. Then go to the links below on my website to learn how to make the rings:

The Ring Lord


  • Amazon- You can get aluminum and galvanized steel here. This is where I bought my galvanized steel wire.

Getting Started- This is where you learn how to make the coil-winding mechanism

Making Chainmail Rings- Go here to learn how to coil and cut the rings

Buying the Rings Somewhere Else

Some people might think that buying rings is just being lazy, but it isn't really. It's just more efficient. Here are some pros and cons of buying the rings you need.

Pros to Buying the Rings Somewhere Else

  • Much faster than making the rings yourself

  • The rings you will buy will have better closures than the rings that you can make

  • You can easily figure out how many rings went into your chainmail shirt

Cons to Buying the Rings Somewhere Else

  • There is always a chance that your shipment could get lost in the mail

  • It is slightly more expensive

  • You can't get your rings right away

If you decide that you want to buy the rings, here are some links to various sites where you can buy them.

The Ring Lord


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