Chainmail Website Links

Here are a list of links dealing with chainmail that you might find useful! If you would like to do a link exchange, contact me here.

  1. M. A. I. L. - Maille Artisans International League: You can find here basically anything you want to know about chain mail. From weaves tutorials, to forums, to galleries, they have it.
  2. The Ring Lord: If you ever need any chain mail supplies of any kind, this is the place to go.
  3. West Coast Chainmail (chainmaildude): Go here for tutorials, supplies, and a wide variety of chain mail products.
  4. The Armour Archive: This website doesn't have much chainmail related stuff on it, but it is still cool to see different kinds of armour that you can build.
  5. The Bladeturner Armoury: Chainmail tutorials, plate armour tutorials, and many other armour tutorials. Very cool site.
  6. The Art of Chainmail: Free chainmail weave patterns, plus he sells books and other tutorials on his website
  7. My Chain Mail Shop on Etsy: This is my personal chainmail shop on Etsy. Feel free to check it out!