Chainmail Pattern Tutorials

Click on the buttons below to view chainmail pattern tutorials for the specific weave you want to learn. This page is updated often, so make sure to come back and see if there are any more patterns that you would like to try!

Number of Weaves: 23

I added a new weave tutorial called Orbital Vipera Berus. Click here to check it out!

Free computer generated Orbital Vipera Berus tutorial on

If you are new to chainmail or just need some new tools, here are some that I personally recommend.

Wire Cutters


  • Xuron Bent Nose Pliers- These are good for jewelry. They don't have teeth, and the bend helps to grip the rings better.

  • Irwin Bent Nose Pliers- If you are making chainmail where you don't care if the rings are scratched, use these. They also have a bent nose, which helps with bending the rings.

  • Irwin Needle Nose Pliers- If you don't want bent nose pliers, try these.

Beginner Chainmail Patterns

Intermediate Chainmail Patterns

Advanced Chainmail Patterns

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